all business. {minneapolis baby photographer}


1. conforming to, attending to, or characteristic of business.
2. efficient, practical, or realistic.
3. capable but unenthusiastic.
i challenge myself to find a single word that defines each and every session that i’ve had … it’s fun for me to ponder over the session and think about who my subject was.  i feel like it give me some bit of insight into who exactly i just had the pleasure of photographing.  i like to reflect on that word/emotion/idea as i’m editing their session, as well.
it’s hard to know if this is something that i’ll keep up with?  i started it way back when i was attempting to complete a 365 challenge over at another internetty space that i started … i would define the word and share the photograph and some of the background of it.  eventually i realized that keeping up with a 365 challenge as the mama to 3 was silly-ness.  and i gave it up … though it was really the start of who i am now.  and i enjoy looking back at my journey …
the words.
the word.
this session was a really hard one for me to find a word for.  until i realized that much of the session was business-y.  and i am so not a business personality.  but this little guy was ALL business.  which is really funny and perfect … when i finally discovered my emotion.  because his daddy is a business guy.  and a great friend.  and he was helping me problem solve some business aspects as we were visiting. 
{with some gorgeously handsome blue eyes}
little lukas was quite the little business man.  very serious in his demeanor.  not willing to crack a smile for the camera.  but i promise you … he had the most darling smiles when the camera wasn’t focused on him. 
though most of the time?
he was all about shoving his hands as far into his little mouth as possible.

teething much?

lukas is four months old … 4 months old … seriously.  i feel like i just took this picture …

and now look at him …

(and yes.  that picture is totally focused on his belly.  those rolls are just about the most adorable thing ever.)

did you notice how he BARELY fits in my washbasin?  and how a mere 4 months ago … you could have fit two of him in there?  wow.  i can’t wait to see how he fits in there at 8 months!

oh.  and did i say that he was very serious and not too willing to smile? 

we had a few tricks up our sleeve to get a giggle out of him.  it just took a bit of daddy spinning and a few tosses into the air.  and the little business guy (complete in his tie – too cute!) gave us the grin we were hoping for!

thanks paul and kirsti for sharing lukas with me … and for all the business ideas and praises on our first session. 

 i am so grateful for our friendship.


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