studio!!! {minneapolis family photographer}

hi all! 

you have no idea how excited i am to share my new studio space with you …

what studio??  (you ask.  well … of course you did.)

i’ve been hemming and hawing for WAY TOO LONG over the possibility of renting a little studio space to have access to … and this opportunity came along … and i couldn’t bear to pass it up. 

it’s lovely.

exactly what i’ve been wishing for.

wanna see some pictures?  (well … of course you do!)

this?  might just be my most favorite thing about the whole place … except for all of the other things, of course … but this …

in the evenings … oh say about 7:00 ish … there is some GORGEOUSLY beautiful splendid light from the setting sun coming down through the trees and glittering about on the river. 

oh yes. 

did i mention there’s a river just out the back door?

and the fading sunlight plays with that river … sparkles and shines and glows … it’s kinda pretty.

that pretty little sun also dances with the leaves on the trees.  does sunlight make you as happy as it makes me?

or maybe it’s that handsome husband and  cuteness of a baby boy.  (they are mine … i can say that.) 

speaking of my family … i pretty much had to bribe (but not really) all of them to spend some time with me playing at the studio … so … internets?  meet my family … family??  meet the internets…

jeremy my husband … that so wonderfully allows me the time (and the time.  and the time.) to do this thing (photography) that nourishes my soul.  (and he totally does dishes and laundry too.  nope.  he’s not available for hire.)

and that sweet little munchkin he’s holding onto?  finn (also known as … finners, baby boy blue, the little blue caboose, finny, finnamon).  he’s just about 1 1/2.  {insert mommy crying here} 

and just in case you missed her … cora (also known as … coconut) … my four.  year.  old.  sweet thing.  that is best described as sweet and sour.  a superty loud little girl that is the shyest quietest little darling that you have ever met.  until she feels absolutely comfortable with you.  then?  watch out.

and she can pose like nobody’s business.  (i have no idea where she gets that.)  also?  forklift.  a graffiti painted forklift out back.  i’m not such a huge fan of tractors and machinery (said the woman who’s son can spot a tractor from a mile away) … but a cute graffiti painted one?  yes, please.

this other goofy girl … is stella (also known as stellers, belly, stellabopaloobop) … and yes … i’ve pretty much stopped typing because i can’t stop staring at how old she looks.  wow.  do you ever feel like that?  like your children are quickly slipping out of your reach when you see a picture of them? 

i’m not gonna cry.  i’m not gonna cry.  i’m not gonna cry.  {deep breath}

moving on.

here we go again with the oh-my-goodness-my-baby-is-getting-big tears.  stella came along today to help me with sharing the inside parts of the studio with you … the seamless white wall … super big seamless white wall. 

some beautiful windows … again with the delicious lighting.  have i mentioned i love sunlight?

and steller’s eyelashes.  (which don’t come with the studio … but i had to share … )

nope.  not jealous of those eyelashes.  nope.  not me.  (even though i cannot get my eyelashes to look anything like that beautiful with makeup.  gah.)

so… there it is friends!  my studio!!!

thanks for coming to visit and meeting my family!  i can’t wait to share more of the upcoming fun that we are going to have here!

call me if you are interested in booking a session!  because of these three beautiful kiddos of mine (and that fantastic husband) … i really have to limit the number of sessions that i can take on per month … and so my summer is filling up fast!  hope to hear from you soon!


Elle - Oh my WORD, Jen – I love the space, the light, the photos, your words… sigh. So glad we’re friends, because you? You are beauty. Through and through. Hug.

Elle - And I neglected to mention – I LOVE THE WEBSITE, TOO! Gorgeous. Sigh.

Darcie - GORGEOUS!!!

I looooove your work….& your new space!!! Ack!! You are so so lucky aren’t you?? Living the dream!! Xoxoxo

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