one of a kind. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

one of a kind (idioms & phrases)

 /wʌn – ʌv – eɪ – kaɪnd/

1. a unique instance, as in there are no others like it; this hybrid daylily is one of a kind , or she’s extremely generous, one of a kind .

i remember readying myself for this session … thinking and preparing and drawing and visualizing and checking and rechecking.  calling and congratulating and waiting.  readying.

i was beyond excited. 

and i think what i started out being superty excited for was the opportunity to capture these two little girls … together …

though when i really stopped to look at their photographs … i began to see something entirely different. 

their individuality.

their one of a kind-ish-ness.  (it’s my blog.  so it’s totally a word.)

world?  meet {m} and {n}. 

these two amazing little girls are absolutely perfect as can be.  and although i must admit that i had to really keep track of who is who in which photo … there was an individuality about them that even i was able to realize in the few moments that i got to spend with them.  (though in no way will i claim that i knew exactly who was who at all times.  they still look truly alike especially when they are peacefully sleeping!)

(i still can’t believe that they both cuddled up into my bowl.)

thanks so much for sharing your beautiful daughters with me … you are both fabulously entering into this wild ride of parenthood … with twice as much love. 

congratulations …


Shaina - I love them, Jennifer! Absolutely love.

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