smiley. {minneapolis baby photographer}


/ˈsmaɪli/  adjective
1. cheerful; smiling.
this little guy and his mommy came into the studio space for his 6 month session. 
he sported a smile … the entire time.

and that hair.  ohmy … sweetest little boy hair ever. 

his mommy and i chatted about how big he’s getting … remember him from these posts?

that little guy is growing up … right before my eyes.  it amazes me that people trust me to help them remember all of these little moments with their little miracles.  i love capturing the overwhelming  love in a single click (or two) of my shutter. 

thanks so much for sharing him with me … he is absolutely delightful … enjoy your vacation!


malia - jen! your blog is a-dor-able!!! i just love it! xx

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