cake monster {minneapolis baby photographer}

cake monster

/keɪk ˈmɒnstər/


1. a legendary animal that feasts upon sweet, baked, breadlike food, made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring.
i swear … just a few months ago he was a teeny tiny little baby. 
he was my very first newborn that i photographed. 
our family is so very lucky to be friends with his family.  his daddy and my husband were friends  and still are.  and i feel lucky to call this little guy’s mama a friend.  and not to mention … he’s got two big brothers and a big sister that we certainly adore as well. 
in other words? 
this is one lucky little boy.
and boyOHboy is he loved.  by each and every person in his family.  lucky kid.

in case you were wondering.  yes.  his eyes ARE really that blue.  and gorgeous.

this little guy was just waking up when we scheduled our session … things could have gone not-so-good (if you know 1 year olds) … but they didn’t.  he was all smiles.  a total trooper.  and flashed the biggest brightest smiles for his mommy and daddy.

 he showed me a few of his tricks.  such as standing on tippy toes.  and smiles to show off those two little toothers.

and then we scurried over to my backyard to play with cake.

(pretty much because i have a dog.  and dogs love to clean up cake so that photographers don’t have to.)

little man was not so sure of cake.  especially blue cakes that we keep mistakenly calling elmo … when in fact elmo is NOT BLUE.  elmo is red.  (and in the past few weeks my little guy will ONLY WATCH ELMO.  that’s all.  so i now can say with firm assurance that elmo is red.  so red.  and singsongy.  and has apparently inhaled several cups of espresso before each episode.)

i need to harness some of that elmo-energy.

this cake?  was cookie monster.  and this little guy was not so fond of actually EATING him … but was perfectly content wearing him.

i think i found blue frosting in my tub for 3 days.

and then?  just to prove us all wrong … at his actual birthday party … this little guy plummeted his face into his cake just to make everyone laugh.  twice.

such a cutie.

thanks friends for sharing your little guy with me.


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