my cora. {minneapolis children’s photographer}

my cora.

she’s super sweet and sassy.  sugar and spice.  my sweet and sour.  the strong vines of a weeping willow.

i suppose that maybe that is how it is with most (almost) five year olds?

five is a whole new ballgame in the life of a mama.  it’s the cusp of sending your baby off to learn from someone new.  for so many years … you have been the one that is right.

all. the. time.

and now?  there’s a new person that does EVERYTHING RIGHT.  because … hello? … it’s a teacher.  and teachers KNOW everything.

i was so much more fearful of five with my oldest.  (but i’d be lying if i didn’t tell you that it still terrifies me a little.)  with stella?  i thought five was the end of the world.

cora doesn’t worry me.  that girl can hold her own.  she’s goofy and not as shy.  she fight for what she believes in.  even if what she believes in currently is that she wants to have the purple glass and she wants to play with that toy right now.  she will stand up for her sister and brother.  and she has the kindest heart that will hold you responsible for whatever it is that you promised her.

her heart shatters when a promise is broken.

my girl found her perfect party dress tonight amidst the aisles of a thriftstore.  it’s purple and sparkley with a velvety top.

i tried my hardest to talk her out of it … because i didn’t like it.

but she did.  she LOVES it.  it makes her feel like a princess and it now belongs to her … {and will be hanging in her closet just as soon as i figure out how to wash the darn thing} …

my cora.


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