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sweet. {minneapolis baby photographer}

sweet /swit/, -er, -est, adverb, noun –adjective 1. having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etcView full post »

long awaited. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

a·wait /əˈweɪt/[uh-weyt] –verb (used with object) 1.   to wait for; expect; look for 2.   to be in store for;View full post »

two. {minneapolis maternity photographer}

/tu/ –noun 1.   a cardinal number, 1 plus 1. 2.   a symbol for this number, as 2 or II. 3.   a set of this manyView full post »

baby lukas. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

oh. babies. i really really love babies. look at this sweet little boy … baby lukas … the brand new baby boyView full post »

more baby spencer. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

so.  i couldn’t stop at that last post.  this baby was just so darn cute … i had to share a few moreView full post »

blue. for spencer. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

remember my last post? pink? or blue? the answer was blue.  and look at just how adorable this baby boy is! i justView full post »

pink or blue? a sneak peek for baby k. {minneapolis maternity photographer}

hmmmm. pink? or blue? i’m rather positive that i’m not the only one anxiously awaiting the news.View full post »

precious baby isla. {minneapolis newborn photographer}

lovely baby.  equally lovely family.  baby isla was just about 6 days old at our session.  she’s beautiful. View full post »

little miss britta. {minneapolis children’s photographer}

here is lovely miss britta. she’s two.  like really truly two.  two … as in …  i’m not reallyView full post »

i may be biased since they are my niece and nephew. {minneapolis family photographer}

but seriously … look at the cute!  “a” and my cora are a mere 26-ish hours apart in age.  it’sView full post »

a sneak peek for the b family! {minneapolis family photographer}

more friends … cleverly disguised as neighbors. mom mentioned something during the session about not liking howView full post »

a sneak peek for the a family! {minneapolis family photographer}

it was such a pleasure for me to meet this entire family.  well, to actually meet (for the first time!) four out ofView full post »

a sneak peek for the k family! {minneapolis family photographer}

i was lucky enough to be able to photograph the k family … neighbors.  well … they started as neighbors &#View full post »