Day: December 14, 2022

Holotropic Breathwork CritiqueHolotropic Breathwork Critique

holotropic breathwork criticism

holotropic breathwork criticism is an emerging therapy that is said to help induce an altered state of consciousness. This therapeutic breathing technique is used to treat a wide variety of psychological and physical ailments. It can also be used in combination with psychotherapy to enhance healing.

In this patented method, a trained facilitator guides participants through a series of accelerated breathing patterns. During this process, the participant lies down on a mat and is encouraged to focus on the feelings arising in the body.

When the breathing rates become too fast, the participant may experience discomfort. These uncomfortable feelings are sometimes called a “healing crisis”. However, many participants reported positive benefits to their experience.

Holotropic Breathwork is a form of therapy that helps people develop a sense of compassion for others and increase their self-awareness. By stimulating the natural healing capacity of the body, it can assist people in managing trauma and pain.

Why holotropic breathing

Holotropic Breathwork combines accelerated breathing with bodywork and music. The facilitator asks questions to help the participant understand their experience. Often, participants will draw mandalas to ground themselves after the intense experience.

Although the practice has been around for years, it is only recently being studied. In 2013, a report showed that a group of 11,000 people who participated in a twelve-year study had significant results, including a reduction in death anxiety.

Although it is not recommended for everyone, holotropic breathing can be a valuable part of a treatment plan. Participants should be aware of potential risks, however, and consult a trained professional before embarking on this practice.