Fire Watch Guards

If you are looking for a security guard company that offers 24/7 services, consider Fire Watch Guards. Owned and operated by certified law enforcement officers, this agency offers highly trained and experienced security guards. Each security guard is certified and undergoes extensive training to ensure their safety and that of the property. They also have first aid and CPR certification. You can rest easy knowing that your property is being watched by the best.

Fire Watch Guards Is Committed To Providing The Best Possible Service To Their Clients

In the worst case scenario, fire watch guards will alert the fire department, contact the customer or client, and trigger the fire alarm if one exists. A fire watch guard may also be needed during construction projects, as construction sites often have a high risk for fire. Since they are not yet fully operational, construction sites are more vulnerable to fire and require extra care and attention than a fully-built building. These services provide peace of mind for both customers and construction managers, which can be very valuable in a business setting.

The job of fire watch guards is to monitor the entire area for signs of fire. Fire guards will also need to check electrical wiring to make sure it is functioning properly. Faulty wiring can cause sparks and shorts, which can ignite certain materials. They can also help prevent arsonists from setting off fires by inspecting potential problem areas and contacting the owners to get permission before conducting repairs. The fire watch guard is an integral part of the protection of a property and its assets.

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