Types of Bike Stands

bike stands

There are two main types of bike stands. Some are lightweight while others are rooted into the ground. Which type you choose should depend on the environment you plan to store your bike in and the amount of abuse it will take. Metal stands are more durable, while plastic stands are prone to damage when placed on rough surfaces. For the most stability, choose one with telescopic legs and a wide base. These features make it easier to move the bike when you need to.

You Can Even Attach A Lock If You Want

This dual-leg, three-point stand is easy to use and weighs only ten pounds. Its jaws are lined with rubber and are easy to adjust. It also features a floor-protecting mat and is available in spring-loaded and threaded models. Compared to other stands, it has a rust-resistant construction and a tripod base. You can even attach a lock if you want. Most bike stands require an additional purchase of a mounting plate.

A post-and-ring stand is a popular type of bicycle stand. This style features a steel bollard and a cast aluminum ring to support your bike. You can also use it to store other objects, such as tools or books. As the name suggests, these types of stands can be mounted to wall studs and posts. The highest-quality models can hold up to 45kg, which is sufficient for most types of bikes.

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