Who Can Write Letter For Emotional Support Animal?

who can write letter for emotional support animal

An emotional support animal (ESA) can provide a person with a sense of wellness. You can apply for one when you are experiencing a mental health condition, but you must have proof of the animal’s benefit. This is why you should find a licensed medical professional in your area who can write a letter for you.

How to Know Who Can Write Letter For Emotional Support Animal?

Who can write letter for emotional support animal? Unlike a simple letter from a lawyer, an emotional support animal letter from a licensed mental health professional is more official. Besides, it can secure your emotional support animal access to rental housing. The letter should be written on the mental health professional’s letterhead and have their license number.

Another way to get an emotional support animal letter is to ask your primary care physician. However, before you approach your family doctor, ensure that the physician is licensed to write an ESA letter. You can also ask your physician to consult with you and your family doctor on the advisability of having an emotional support animal. In general, the letter should come from a licensed mental health professional (LHCP).

If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of a letter from a mental health professional, you can choose to use one of the many online services. CertaPet, for example, has an excellent reputation and has received recognition from both Fox and Forbes. This service has helped more than 65,000 clients get emotional support animal assistance, so you can trust that they will provide a professional ESA letter that is compliant.

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